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MonkeDAO Vision — Part I — Community Driven Innovation

3 min readFeb 10, 2022


Author: MonkeDAO Board

MonkeDAO is a community of thousands of individuals bringing their diverse skills, interests and resources together to collaborate and build. If Solana as an L1 protocol is a digital city, think of MonkeDAO as anything from a country club to a collection of small businesses within that city. We envision ourselves as the premier online community where individuals are empowered by the core proposition of Web3 — personal ownership. Upturning the paradigm of passive ownership and centralized value storage, we strive to actively build value through community participation and innovation.

Our vision is to be the premier decentralized community of Web3.
Our mission is to provide value to our members and the Solana ecosystem through community-led projects, connections and innovations.

MonkeDAO is unique.

While all members of MonkeDAO are Solana Monkey Business (SMB) owners, we lack a formal relationship with the SMB development team. We formed organically and grew through member input; a true community DAO. As such, community remains our core principle.

Our interactions with our members have convinced us that we have the potential to define the future of DAOs — a new kind of Web3-native organization that will reshape today’s legacy institutions. With an active ecosystem of members involved in projects across Web3, MonkeDAO offers an unparalleled source of knowledge and skills. Our early DeFi initiatives like MonkeDAO Validator and DAOPool have expanded our presence to platforms like Saber, Sunny and Orca. We’ve advanced DAO governance frameworks across Solana, leading our peers on the creation of procedures for DAO member contribution, idea proposal and decision-making. We’ve seen tremendous success with community outreach, events, and showcases that highlight member innovation & educational resources created by the DAO. Members across the world have even started to form local ‘real life’ communities with fellow Monkes.

We, the Board, see this independence and ambition as MonkeDAO’s greatest strength. Our standalone beginnings have driven us to create opportunities and find creative solutions to ensure our long-term sustainability in a way that sets the foundation for a lasting organization. Put differently, our unique beginning and the decentralized nature of our DAO gives us the ability to build something that is antifragile.

As we see it, our goal now isn’t to predict what the future will look like — it’s to create robust foundations for a flexible organization where community members are incentivized to create and take ownership. We want to empower spontaneous community innovation. The future of the DAO relies on those members who are willing to do more than sit back and be passive investors, and instead choose to lead and contribute in ways that bring significant value to the DAO and its members.

We don’t expect this vision to materialize for free — though we’ve been pleasantly surprised by how many members have generously contributed their time and knowledge. The next crucial step is the development and release of an internal rewards system that aligns the incentives and values of all members. We aim to release a token that will serve as the foundational element of the MonkeDAO ecosystem. It will be the staple source of incentivization for our members. We will provide a deeper dive on the details of our token and the incentive design that will support this vision in our upcoming, MonkeDAO Vision — Part II.

We believe this is only the beginning.

We cannot tell you for certain that DAOs will succeed or that Web3 will be the revolution many of us expect. But if it is, we expect MonkeDAO to lead the way.

MonkeDAO is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization providing unparalleled value to our members and the Solana ecosystem through community-led projects, connections and innovations.

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